Leather Car Back Seat Organizer

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Leather Car Back Seat Organizer

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You’ll love this car organizer. Your passengers will also love it. We personally used this car organizer over a period of months to test and make improvements to its design. It is the ultimate well-balanced solution for your car organization efforts. The result is a product that is affordable, high quality while incorporating beauty, functionality and comfortable design. Made from Premium PU high-quality leather material.

  • Get this product if you are looking for a solid, long-lasting, durable organizer with storage for you and your passengers.
  • The most roomy and versatile organizer for vehicles (cars, truck, SUVs, vans, minivans).
  • Features a luxurious ipad pocket, cup holders & umbrella pocket, 2 hanging hooks & additional pockets It covers the entire back of the front seat and offers storage galore for you and your kids' needs.
  • Pockets that will accommodate toys, umbrellas, phones, tablets, iPads, pens, pencils, USB sticks, water bottles, chargers, books, creams, diapers, wet wipes, napkins, magazines, newspapers, or makeup.
  • Simple and easy to install. It takes less than a minute with the long adjustable top and bottom buckle straps.

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